Advanced (Drill) Classes

Greg Stevens conducts the Advanced Obedience group class.  Growing up in Southern California his family had German Shepherds and being the youngest of three kids was elected to do the training.  He was fortunate, starting at the age of 10, to have the opportunity to learn from one of the best in the country at that time, William (Bill) Koehler. Greg moved to Florida in 1994 after living in Alaska for 22 years.  He has competed in both conformation and obedience, enjoying all breeds, especially the working dogs since his breed of choice is the Akita.  He truly believes, regardless of which breed, that all dogs should be trained.  A well-trained and socialized dog is a true pleasure to have as a companion.

Advisor & Instructor - Linda Day conducted the Advanced Obedience classes for many years and we're thrilled that she has decided to come back to teaching after a few years off.  She will be teaching Advanced Classes approximately once a month. She trained her first dog at the age of 10 under a trainer who trained dogs for the Army. This instilled a love of dogs and the determination to learn the varied temperaments of the various breeds and mixes thereof. Linda continues to teach because of a strong belief that a pet should be a till-death-do-we-part situation, not a "I can't deal with this creature" situation. She welcomes dogs that desperately needs control through dogs competing in obedience trials into her class.  Linda also enjoys volunteering with her therapy dog "Scruffy" at the VA Hospital, schools, and many other venues.

Advanced training increases both dog and owner's relationship with each other and builds respect and trust. Any dog that has completed the basic course can participate in the advanced class. His self-assurance and your confidence in him, and in yourself as his handler, will add much to your relationship.

Many people use this class as an occasional "tune-up", just to keep their dog thinking and responding well. This class is not a course -- it is a "come when the mood strikes you" class.

Classes are $10 per lesson and start at 7:30 PM every Wednesday.

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